Second Mile Food Bank

Second Mile Food Bank
Banque Alimentaire Deuxième Chance
Going the second mile for our community

Second Mile Food Bank


It is with sadness we advise that Linda Ayer passed away at the Moncton Hospital on Friday, July 5th.

Linda was God’s choice servant in the ministries of Second Mile Food Bank.  She will be greatly missed.

                 Linda May Ayer 1948-2019


July Hours

Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Starting July 15, 2019

From 10:00 to 11:45


Need Help
There are times in our lives when we all face life challenges;  times when we find ourselves in a situation where we don't have enough money for groceries due to different factors; for example, the loss of a job, the loss of a spouse, health issues or, increased living costs, etc.  For information on how to get food, visit "Need Food"

 Information for Clients

  • Closed first seven days of the month - except Dec 2018. Open Monday, Tuesday, and Wed, at 10:00 
  • If schools are closed due to weather conditions, the Food Bank is also closed.
  • You must have both your Medicare Card (for you and each family member), and proof of address for every visit to the Food Bank
  • If school is cancelled due to a winter storm, then the Food Bank is also closed.

 Donations play a large part in the running of the Second Mile Food Bank.  Without these donations, we would not be able to offer the food that we currently provide. 

Financial Donations are always greatly appreciated
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Food Shortage - Needed for July/August

Canned fruit, Canned Beans and Large Soups

To make a food donation, please visit "How Can We Help"

Thank you for your support!


Who We Are

  • The Second Mile Food Bank is a Christian Food Bank operated by a Volunteer Board of Directors, and is supported by a professional staff of two, a Volunteer Managing Committee,  and many Volunteers. We are  an independent food bank distinct from the Food Depot Alimentaire.
  • We are a Registered Charity (#82517 4402 RR0001), and provide Charitable Income Tax Receipts for monetary donations of $10.00 or more

  • For more information, please visit "About Us"